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Full and final review decoder X-Cruiser model XDSR485HD Smartbox

X-Cruiser early 2016 after receiving XDSR430HD be introduced and released 6 months after receiving the 2016 Krd.jdydtryn shipped to view the X-Cruiser to a quad-core processor with a frequency of 1.5 GHz manufactured by Huawie equipped. The use of this chipset hardware and software capabilities than the 430HD to the decoder is given. 8 GB of internal storage is perfect for people who install software requires more memory capacity up to you. If there is a priority concern to increase the capacity up to 32 GB SD CARD'll be using the port.

Appearance and ports:

According to the power supply out of range of the receiver and the receiver adapter in Android X-Cruiser-size model, as well as XDSR430HD smaller than previous models.
XDSR485HD has front panel is different from the previous model to view the full black and sleek design. Unlike XDSR430HD the receiver has no hardware buttons switching network on the front panel power button on the left. But the receiver is located. all ports are on the back of the device. 

Two USB 2.0 ports on the rear of the device and supports USB HUB USB 3.0 ports and an embedded HDMI audio and video devices also use the older one AV output is intended. The XDSR485HD has the ability to connect to the wall behind the Tv so that users can use it in the interest of the bracket to the wall with the contents of the box or TV connected and benefit from more space along the TV Rymvtkntrl adapter, and a 2 number AV cable and USB WIFI and IR EXTENDER device is provided.
This model supports SD CARD 32GB capacity and SD CARD can be used to install software and use Windows Media Player files.
Optical output (Dolby) and outputs for IR EXTENDER all your needs for hardware interfaces guarantee. In total package is very complete and will meet all user needs. 

Hardware and image quality

If the hardware used in the receivers on the market yet, you should be thoroughly familiar with the chip and processor are used in XDSR485HD. Hisilicon Hi3796M100 chip with ARM Cortex A7 processor and a gigabyte of RAM, performance is very quick to bring XDSR485HD. XDSR485HD fast performance and Qablstayshy and implementation of applications such as Kodi done without the slightest Lgy Shvd.kyfyt picture in this receiver is very Sharp. XDSR485HD to 4K30fps resolution support. This means that the decoder Playback network of 4k60fps not but thanks to the chipset manufactured by Huawei quality images and rare quality seems to be very clear and not seen any diversion of colors. currently XDSR485HD only receiver on the market with support for Full HD resolution in OSD ( user menus) and all components such as menu icons applications installed has excellent resolution Bashnd.hmyn is possible to adjust the image in the box layout and also items such as lighting | Color | There is a contrast. 

Sound check

The audio section of the decoder with support for formats Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby TrueHD (7.1 channel) for users who are interested in home theater and speaker simultaneously connect multiple receivers are very satisfying because these formats do more to break up and use the media player and play different sounds and in today's movies are very important. so be careful and buy only quality selection criteria for a receiver Nbashd.amkan control and process all formats remembered by the receivers there are also you can complete sound processing in home theater or TV Leave! emerged short, sound quality and sound separation XDSR485HD sure you understand the terms of your will. 

Reviews tuner:
In this model, like the XDSR430HD the tuner SERIT but newer models. This tuner unlike the tuner used in XDSR430HD without lop output, but Recipients of this tuner is very strong and has a very high sensitivity signal is compared to a minimum. 

Software Review

But the main attraction of the operating system receivers Cruiser Hybrid X Ast.systmaml the receivers Android with version 4.4 is its integration with software features a very simple series boxes Avant take advantage of the opportunities it provides to users.
As it became clear processor decoder is a quad-core processing provides adequate power. You can also connect to the Internet from one of two entrances into the LAN or Wi-Fi connection Cruiser X software or GOOGLE PLAY supermarkets and other stores and get the required programs. You can also download many games the same way and use them at leisure. 

By Miracast capabilities of smart mobile laptop or tablet can also Drhalpkhsh image on the TV screen. But this feature requires a USB WIFI DIRECT prepared. In this view the menu of Android users and decoder configured separately as in the past Ast.ayks Cruiser the interface "menu icon" is used. Among the new features of Android for X-Cruiser has brought new receivers ability to move quickly between applications and enables rapid implementation plans are Android. XDSR485HD of one of the most powerful chips used in Android media players at launch, the «Hisilicon 3796M "quad-core with 1 GB of RAM takes advantage of the lack of speed will not be so worried. All applications, especially in the smoothest possible run media.
Modification of the default file manager, file manager XDSR430HD is also slightly improved its graphical user interface and very comfortable. The use without the need for configuration of UPnP and DLNA to share files from mobile phones and tablets enjoy the use of a decoder Android is doubled 

See Hisilicon chips thanks to copyright law for recorded files are there and can record files on other devices such as TV and see.
Ability to stream images and menus allowing full control receivers with proprietary applications such as Air Sync Remote |Air Tivi z | Hitv Remote | My box there. Due to this feature just images network Playing see in tablets and laptops. With mobile software , recently provided Air Sync Remote can be mobile and tablet as a touch pad to control mouse receiver used. 

With support for H.265 codec Dont worry about the new movie playback rip with the codec on the Internet will Bvd.amkan comfortable using powerful Android Mdyaplyrhay such as MX Player or Video Player default Kodi along with all the necessary facilities for playing all your Hisilicon you will provide full-scale film and music. 

In addition to adding new software capabilities in recent Snapshot of images from the satellite television program that is broadcast Mvrlaqhtan take high quality screenshots. 

PIP two network 's HD Dual HD pip also performed without problems and interruptions Shvd.v possible to record the 3 network HD Dard.hmyn at once, is capable of Dual HD PIP in the record of networks in HD possible.
In addition, it is possible to use USB DVB-T2 in this model you can to get the network Digital (national and provincial) apply. 

Take advantage of the USB DVB-T2 in this model you can to get the network Digital (national and provincial) Digital Receiver X.VISION 3100 on the right. For example, you can use these models that it will soon be training will be Grft.hmyn to install apps from Google Play in the PAD TV MyGica build models such as the T230 can be used. 

Take advantage of apps ######## (###) a more complete experience of working with Aplykysh Internet provides is reduced due to the support of numerous ######## without limitation can YouTube and Facebook, and ... enjoy. 

remote control:
XDSR485HD quite similar appearance with remote remote control and XDSR430HD Avant series, but it is different arrangement of buttons and buttons New Apps (access to software installation by)
Cursor (Remote converted to mouse mode) and Signal (wide signal display and network information) to a remote added.
Each 2 remote in the box with quality. 

It can be a combination of receivers XDSR485HD Linux and XDSR430HD Danst.dashtn Avant series features two models with more powerful hardware and software experience will provide sweetness.
The decoder best manufacturing facilities receiver in its place. The owner of an entertainment center with facilities supplying it with you. The most important feature high-quality video and audio receivers and for all users is important to understand that this model would cover it.


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