Saturday, 25 February 2017


Release Note Xcruiser XDSR485HD 2.0.44

1. Persian keyboard removed after reboot : Solved
2. Lock SERVICE LIST MANAGER from Parental Control : Added
3. Delete Recall List history by press RED key in Recall list : Added
4. IF the SD Card is not set for default APK storage then it can be use for PVR function : Added
5. USE a External USB Bluetooth dongle to connect with Bluetooth Headset and listen the audio from receiver : Added
6. NO EPG after exit from RECALL LIST : Solved
7. Recording of 4K/H265 channel failed : Solved
8. Youtube playback error when using Youtube version downloaded from the Play Store : Solved
9. No VIDEO after playing different media files and exit : Solved
10. If PAUSE and Resume Record then Record stop : Solved
11. BIGTV 91.5 MEASAT not working : Solved (Use the new plugin XCAM CLIENT1)
12. TIME Sync with INTERNET :Solved
13. Defaul Media Player can support Persian Subtitle .STR :Added
14. Launcher Error while in Service list manager : Solved
15. While watching channel for long hours and if press any key shows launcher Error :Solved
16. Receiver will report the crash logs to the Xcruiser server automatically to improve the software stability : Added
17. Record the SATELLITE SIGNAL STREAM Directly to the connected storage MENU => SETTING => SYSTEM SETTING => RECORD TYPE => TP : Added
18. TIME CALIBRATION pop-up randomly : Solved
19. While in Service List Manager press and hold OK key to select channel continuosly 
20. Display the MEDIA FILE SIZE in Playlist menu : Added
21. Problem with some Application/Games downloaded from Playstore : Solved
22. Unable to save the Manual added channel PID, APID,VPID : Solved
23. Color keys added in keyboard (RED, GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE) : Added
24. Persian charecters error in keyboard : Solved
25. Plugin versions updated for better performance, software version 2.0.44 work with new plugin only !



Factory reset is required

 Install the new plugin pack to work   download

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