Tuesday, 13 June 2017


Release Note XDSR Android 2.1.1 r9810

1. Volume bar redisgn
2. Setting => System Setting => Front Diplay change to channel number or time for front panel: Added
3. Setting => System Setting => Front panel LED brightness adjust: Added
4. Setting => System Setting => Zapping Mode, when change channel freeze the image or show black screen: Added
5. Setting => System Setting => Up / Down keys, from remote if press UP / DOWN key will change channel: Added
6. USB DVB-T function: Added
7. While in live tv mode press resolution will show list of resolutions: Added
8. Sort channel list by russian letters: Added
9. After moving a APP from internal memory to SD card, APP not available: Solved
10. Persian Charecter missing from keyboard: Solved
11. Bookmarking in TimeShift was allowed for one only, but now can book mark 6 times: Added  
12. Pressing Resolution key will show the list of supported resolutions by connected LED / LCD: Added
13. Playing the recorded channel will not ask to select a player, it will start playing by default player directly: Added
14. For every channel recording receiver will create a .M3U file so that all .TS.001 TS.002 files will be played continuously: Added
15. Playing videos from IPTV or any Application for long time and then go to Live Satellite channels have no-sound: Solved
16. After downloading an application from playstore the app doesnt appear in the APP LIST: Solved
17. If connect a Network drive from Menu => Manager => Storage Manager the mounted file system shows UNKNOW: Solved
18. Performance improved for IPTV Applications 
19.Menu => Setting => System Setting => Zapping Mode: Freeze / Black Screen: Added
20. Application crashing: Solved
21. While in LIVE channel mode press INFO key twice will give more information about the channel (Bitrate): Added
22. Satellite and Transponders list updated and added in firmware, also can be update by press yellow key: Updated
23. Removing the WIFI USB and connecting the LAN cable, no need to change the setting just reboot will automatic switch to LAN: Added
24. If the TimeShift infobar is open then unable to change volume: Solved
25. High Resolution video playback from YOUTUBE lagging: Solved
26. Stability and Performace improved for Zapping / Switching in Applications / Switching from Menu to other Menu: Improved
27. Compatibility with the new "Air Sync Remote-Z" application released for Android 7.0 Nougats 
28. Audio and Video out of sync while changing channels: Solved
29. Switching channels from SAT to SAT or Favorite to Favorites was showing the first channel, now it can remember the LAST channel: Added
30. Play any VIDEO or AUDIO file if select any Player and use Always then next time playing the same format video will not ask to select the player again: Solved 
31. Time and Date information added in INFOBAR: Added
32. T1 T2 removed from the Infobar and Satellite name added: Changed




If after download and load in pen drive. It is not showing as update means. just rename the file into update.ird.

 copy to USB device root, Connect USB to receiver, Power OFF the receiver by removing the power cable, keep pressing the CH ^ key (like changing channel continously)on the remote and connect the power cable you can see a message on receiver display shows uPdt it will update the box 

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