Sunday, 26 November 2017

Introducing XDSR515HDR Xbox Cruiser Smartbox Receiver

Some specifications:
Hi3798M V200 chipset
Internal memory 8GB
Android operating system 7.0
Serit tuner Built-in Wi-Fi
USB 3.0 port HDR support | HLG | WCG Supports VP9 and X.265 codecs with 10-bit color depth 10-bit 4K 60fps IPTV Receiver with superb features such as adding to the list of satellite networks and Dual PIP 4K fusion The Imprex 2.0 image processor and professional image settings Record of Time Shift Supports Web Flash and HTML5 Simultaneous record of IPTV and DVB.S2 and digital receiver PIP Satellite or digital receivers and IPTV networks on each other 3 months Free Sharing

nd now, in the products of the HDR XCruiser series (4K products), we see the most economical product of this series. Smaller products and the removal of the 7SEGMENT panel compared to what we saw in the XDS585HDR, and in a similar style to the previous models, a product called XDSR515HDR. The result that X-Cruser wants to invest in is the ability to experience a powerful receiver with countless features and superb image quality for everyone. The XDSR515HDR receiver can be called the "king" of the market's economic decision makers. Simple design, along with the super-slim capabilities of nothing less than the XDSR585HDR, has made the newcomer an efficient and complete receiver.

It is important that a decoder satisfies your expectations. Whether the broadcasting of networks and media files are of high quality will have a good lighting effect and will not be used for long periods of time, there are expectations that users will usually have from a single receiver in their everyday use and these features will be inadequate in Chinese products due to There can be no quality parts.
The XDSR515HDR receiver with hardware features similar to the XDSR585HDR, such as the Hisilicon 3798M V200 chipset and DDR4 RAM, and the 8GB internal memory will address all your needs.
Support for 4K resolution with HDR and HLG standards, and a wide and 10bit color spectrum, and super-professional image adjustments for the Imprex 2.0 PQ image processor will not leave any doubt in terms of delivering superb image quality.

The XDSR515HDR receiver does not require a USB WIFI connection, and the X Cruzher has it internally on the receiver board. In addition, the receiver The economy also has a Khan card in front of the receiver.
The XDSR515HDR receiver has a USB 3.0 port and a USB 2.0 port on the back of the device. This receiver has a smaller USB port than the XDSR585HDR, but as mentioned, with the internal Wi-Fi and no need for USB WIFI connectivity The dual USB port is perfectly suited for your use. Fortunately, the USB 3.0 port is independently located next to the LNB input and away from other ports, and USB connection or unplugging will be easier.
HDMI, Optical, AV, LAN and SD card slots are other ports on this receiver.

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