Sunday, 26 November 2017

Introducing the XDSR685HDR Avant Smartbox X Crusher

Main Specifications: 
Hi3798M chipset V200 
Internal memory 16GB 
Serit tuner 
Android operating system 7.0 
resolution 4k60fps 
HDR support | HLG | WCG 
Supports H265 and 10-bit color depth 
Imprex 2.0 PQ image processor with 
IPTV Recovery Professional image capture 
with USB 3.0 
Dual 4K PIP port 
Record of Timing Shift 
3 months Free Shirring 
software is completely stable and without problems

Today, the production of different receivers has increased so much that we must always wait for a new receiver. Decoder manufacturing companies, which are few today, and are generally from China, suggest that they are superior to other rivals in this field, all focus on making the receiver look at the best in terms of appearance and figures. Trying to take the pulse with this trick, but build quality is not what they are paying attention to.
Meanwhile, prominent companies have a tougher responsibility, and they need to launch a market that fans of that specific brand are pleased and pleased. XCruiser is one of the manufacturers that has gained a lot of fans over the past few years with the production and distribution of a range of Linux and Android receivers from low to high. The company has had the highest sales in Linux and Android products in the past few years, indicating that its products should be getting better every day.

This product is in fact the best and most expensive product of this company. The latest receiver from the Android X-Crasher receiver family, which is one of the top-notch market receivers.
The XDSR685HDR Avant has exactly the same look as the XDSR585HDR, so if you put it next to the XDSR585HDR, you're unlikely to be able to recognize their difference. Although this design is somewhat repeated, you should keep in mind that the card reader and the padding position have only two distinct differences (back view) of the two devices.

This receiver has 3 USB ports, one of which is a USB 3.0 port. There is a serial port on the rear of the receiver. Optical output, HDMI port, Lan and SD card are other connectors of the device. In the illustration, the inside of the box holds an IR Extender and a bracket, as well as 2 HD quality control remote controls. In addition, there is an AV output on this unit. For connecting to the Internet, you can also use USB External WIFI inside the box. This USB WIFI is a direct Wi-Fi type and allows you to mirror the display of your Android smartphone and tablet.

As expected, the XDSR515HDR will default to the upcoming version of Android 7. X Cursor has exactly the same interface and menu features for this receiver so that you will not see any software differences on this model with the XDSR585HDR. The OSD and Infobar menu and the list service are as beautiful as before and have 2 services. A separate list with various capabilities, such as displaying the icon or logo of the networks with the ability to add and edit by the user and displaying the bit-rhythm of the networks. Undoubtedly, you will find these features only on the X-Crusher receivers. Due to the coherence of the soft The 4K X Crossover Receivers in 2017 and 2018 can be assured that the XDSR685HDR Avant comes with a completely With all the features and features added to the XDSR585HDR, Eidar will enter the market and you will be comfortable with it.

The IPTV Reciver features the default on the MyTvOnline, with its unique features found on the HDR X Series receivers. Record capabilities and adding IPTV networks to the list of satellite networks and PIP simultaneous networks IPTV and DVB.S2 Fusion and network editing are only part of the infinity of this section.

The Imprex Engine 2.0 image processor is distinguished from other people in the process of processing and creating the image of the X-Crusher decoders. The processor and its professional features, which have recently been added to the software's X-Crusher software, have a dramatic effect on improving image contrast and image dynamism. And colors. With the help of this processor and its settings, the charm and impressive color of the image will increase and you will enjoy viewing the images.

But we need to install the hardware that matters, and it's always going to work with it, and actually represents the receiver. The X-Crusher used the XDSR685HDR Avant for the first time in the world of receivers, which used to process the calculations. The HI3798M V200 chipset with Huawei's original quad-core processor with 2GB of DDR4 RAM and 16GB of internal memory makes the receiver work best with the XDSR585HDR decoder. It's definitely a good idea that the ultra-high performance of the XDSR585HDR and its fast performance never lacked the power of a rummy, but it seems that the X-Crusher, by presenting this product to the market, intends to attract the attention of its hard-line users and buyers. Slowly

Conclusion: The
XDSR685HDR receiver comes with powerful 2GB of DDR4 RAM and 16GB of internal memory, which eliminates many obsessions and uncertainties to buy a high quality receiver and everything. If you want to buy a stylish and powerful receiver and have no problem with the XDSR585HDR and XDSR515HDR receivers at a higher cost, this receiver can be your best choice.

HDMI cable
2 x remote
IR Extender
AV cable

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