Sunday, 26 November 2017


Release Note: 1.4.8 (r11207) NOTE: If your receiver software is older than 1.4.0 then must install 1.4.0 first then install 1.4.8, after installing 1.4.x can not go back to older versions 1. Channel PICONs: Added 2. Audio cracking for AAC Channels: Solved 3. Record device changing if press Playlist key and select storage: Solved 4. incompatibility with some WebBrowsers (Firefox, Chrome): Solved 5. Youtube version up dated to 2.0 - Support 4K Service 6. TP Information added in infobar 7. If menu is persian, color keys and text out of alignment (Service List Manager): Solved 8. OSD Blinking issue after boot: Solved 9. If the Codec is downloaded, the receiver will reboot to install the codec: Added 10. Wifi MT7601U of XDSR485HD compatible now: Added 11. USB-T2 Support Multi PLP 12. Google PlayStore crash: Solved 13. If you install a application from USB / SD Card can not display application details: Solved 14. Persian Subtitle with default media player: added 15. Installing APK from Market or PlayStore failed using MEMORY card: Solved



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