Patch Installer is a prerequisite for installing software 1.5.0. 
So first you need to install the software 1.5.0. Then install patch 1.5.2. If you have already installed 1.5.0 software you do not need to reinstall it.

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• Change log
1. Added ability to start/stop Samba Share Daemon
§ Access from Android Settings
2. Improved Network Settings UI/UX
3. Fixed WiFi disconnection issue after configuring from Android Settings WiFi menu.
4. Repeat keystroke when holding Channel UP/DOWN on RCU issue fixed.
5. Fixed random no-boot issue.
6. New Launcher now responds to mouse cursor commands and compatible with Air Sync Remote app.
7. YouTube updated with mouse cursor fix.
§ Download the new version from the market.
8. Improved on-screen keyboard readability
9. Default apps now shown in the favorite apps section by default.
10.Hotkey Fixed

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