Friday, 9 February 2018

Channel List Editor for HDR X Crusher Receivers

to edit the list of networks and operations such as moving the networks, moving satellites, locking, uninstalling, and so on. 

First, you'll need to back up your channel list. To back up the menu button, select the Data Transfer option in the DVB section. By selecting Transfer Service data to USB Storage, your channel list is stored in the flash drive. 

Now transfer the saved list to the computer and install the attached application. After installing, if the default language is not English, select the Option menu in the upper hand corner of the English language program. 

Run the program and select Import from the File menu. Select the C Tech HD265 option and click Import to select your channel list. If you do not see the All Files Channel list, select.

Tips: The
program does not support Persian language (Farsi Farsi).
The program is compatible with Windows 10.
By clicking on any network, you can edit and view more information from the network.
Both versions are attached and portable.


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