Wednesday, 7 March 2018


1. Simple list search functionality (simple channel list display by displaying the 
icon )

 2. Ability to select the Channel List mode and color Main menu
 3. Possibility to 
install the icon (network logo) by USB 
4. Can perform recovery and reset the receiver from the boot: 
Separate the adapter. Wait for some time and re-connect it to the receiver, and immediately press the red button on the remote control 1-3 times. The front LED of the receiver is displayed in green / red blink mode. In this case, the button 1 Press and wait .
5. Trouble the sound of networks with the Power VU encoding system using the XCAM3 emulator. 
6. Settings and OSD and System Setting options. 
7. Problems installing Addon Linker in some areas (download button (blue) in the plugin list) 
8.. Added the Channel Editor to the main menu (launcher) for faster access 
9. View the APs at the top of the list (after entering the settings) 
10.Fix Wi-Fi connection 
11.Fix manual Internet settings (LAN) 
12. Improved IPTV performance in unstable internet 
13.fyks IPTV connectivity and basic implementation after the reboot if you use a USB WIFI 
14.azafh some sports channels and Iran in the IPTV network 
15.sazgary application Air Sync Remote Z in case The use of the Simple List
17.Improve the problem of not functioning color buttons in the Air Sync Remote Z application. 
17. Display the record when the channels are exchanged in a transponder (from the network being recorded to other networks). 
18. Added record alarms during the record 
. 19. Maintain picture settings PQ Setting (SDR mode) after reboot 
20. Hide the installed apps and display in a separate list. 
21. Menu transparency setting. 

22. Protect the quality and transparency of menus in HDR mode. 
23. Improve performance of advanced networks. (Advanced Search) 
24.Getting back to the Play List if you stop media files. 
25. Detect SDR and HDR (Auto Mode). 
26. Improve system performance. 
27. Improve the interface (Launcher function and menus). ) And a 
high level of user experience with MyTvOnline 



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  1. updated software for asiasat7 april 2018 not anstalled pl help