Sunday, 20 May 2018



1. DVB-T2 USB Drivers upadted (Genitech T230) 

2. MYTVONLINE version 1.9.21 Update Available in Market 

3. Turkish EPG issue with 42E: Solved 

4. Netflix Crash Issue: Solved 

5. Modern Launcher user interface bug: Fixed 

6. Hangup in Sleep mode: Solved 

7. Schedule timer incorrect with realtime clock: Solved 

8. General Bugs fixed and Performance improved 

9. Deleting single satellite channel will delete ALL SATELLITE CHANNELS: SOLVED 

10. While watching the LIVE channel press OK key for channel list, down the channel video will show channel information in HEX and Decimal formats (Useful for adding keys in softcam.key in OSCam)

1. Added Genitech T230 drive (USB DVB.T2) 
2. New version of MyTvOnline version 1.9.21 and more coordination with software 
3. Trouble EPG problem with Turksat networks (showing some trades and displaying full letters) 
4. Cores problem Netflix 
Improved Modern Launcher Performance. 6. Sleep 
Problem. 7. Sleep Problem. Summer Timetable for Scheduling. 
8. Multiple Tickets. 
9. Removing all the channels in a satellite leads to the removal of all networks: Resolved 
10. Display the network view in HEX format and Decimal for use in the softkey for OScam in the service list of 

changes MyTvOnline:

MYTVOnline 1.9.21 

Timeshift added 

choosing the preferred channel list style 

EPG downloading speed improved.

Black screen issue patched. 

Long recording file playback issues fixed. 

Fixed playback of multi-part recorded files larger than 4GB 

Empty Channel List - Server login issue fixed. 

Fixed UDP stream recording issue. 

Event reminders patched. 

Various portal issues patched. 

Bug fixes and performance improvements. 

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software is available online. You can update it online.

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