Thursday, 9 August 2018


1. Increase the channel switching speed . 2.
Display the grid name when using numeric buttons.
3. Update MyTvOnline to 1.9.36
. 4. Improve EPG performance in weekly loading.
5. Improve the performance of the modern launcher. And the switch between menus.
6. Graphic changes in the X-Crusher market (apps will be updated).
7. Graphics changes in the Apps menu.
6. Cursor problem in the Apps menu.
9. Improved application
alignment. 10. Updates with patches.
13. Trouble not having the LED off in Standby mode or the Power button
14. Fast scan capability for some processors
15. Fix some IPTV links (MyTV and IPTV Channel Search)

Plugin modifications: (available on the online server)
Solving the Power VU problem

Ability to load account specification from CCcam.cfg file from flash memory for XcamClinet3

The core update to the latest version of OSCAM

MyTvOnline Changes:
Faster download of EPG from the internet

Faster initial connection

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