Saturday, 22 December 2018

Software Updates Version 1.6.30 Series HDR X Series Receivers

The most important changes are: 
1. The problem with the hang of the sleeping state was not a general problem. 
2. The problem of interrupting the sound after shutting down the modem or interrupting the Internet for a long time. 
3. The MKV-formatted PolyBeck problem (in some cases the message was not supported. ) 
4. The problem of the Receiver problem in Deep Standby mode (Power Off) and disconnect the adapter and reconnect (boot loop) 
5. Failure to recognize the USB WIFI after the reboot. 
6. Problems leading to the launcher error due to Korsch Log Receive 
7. Change the resolution from 2160P to 720P with 4K TVs when placing the receiver in Power Off mode for a long time: solved. 
8. Compatibility with the new version of plugins that will be released shortly. 
Updates for XcamClinet3 and XScam, Coconut and AZ-Cam plugins will be released soon and will be released soon.
9. Crash problem in IP Channel Serach with some https links in m3u list. 
IPTVLauncher has stopped in IPTV Network 
11. Added Clear EPG Option in EPG 
12. Detecting HDR signal when activating HDMI Auto adaptation Display (Android Decoder Menu) 
-If you enable this option, the switch between HDR and SDR will automatically detect HDR networks and not HDR TVs. 
13. Maintain fast switching of networks in the event of prolonged use of the receiver. 
14. Channel Editor bugs due to the caresses of the logos. 
15. Increase the capacity to add the M3U list in the IP Channel List to 6 fits. 
6. Crash problem on SRG package networks. 
17. Boot the device on a favorite application
By choosing a custom application, for example MyTvOnline, the receiver will enter this program after it's turned on. 
18. Network View Network Preview (Service Preview) in Channel Editor (Beta Software): Resolved. 

Download from the online server 
Note: If the online server displays some software for upgrades, install the recommended software one by one (users who use the old software)

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