Thursday, 7 February 2019

Adding network logos(picons) to the HDR X Series XCRUISER Receiver 515 585 685

Important networks have been added to the application itself in the used directions, but if needed For other non-networked networks, follow the instructions below: 

The proposed method to add the icon or network logo to the HDR xcruiser box is to use the Samba method to display in the Simple list, or the first one, before it was trained. But to repeat the training, we repeat it. 

Overview of the Samba method:

In Windows, hold the Windows window and press the R button. 

According to the screen shot, the Run window will open. In this window, the devices connected to the network will be automatically detected. If not identified, type \\.

If you do not recognize it after entering \\, check your device's IP address (Network Setting) and enter it in the Run menu below. 

After entering the correct amount of OK and open the Share folder, you will now be able to access the hard drive or flash drive or SD card attached to the device as well as the picon folder that we are looking for in this tutorial. 

Open the picon folder. Transfer the logos and the snp-index file to the picon folder. Your logos must be placed in the logos folder. 

Tips: The

size of the podcasts or logos should be 120x120 (bigger sizes may not be obstructed, but large and large logos are not recommended)

The name of the pixon and the desired network is preferably similar and will be named channel name = picon name in the snp-index list. For example, if the name of the IRIB network is MOSTAND, the name of the logo is iribmostanad and the network name as iribmostand must be in the file Write and save snp-index. 

iribmostanad = iribmostanad 

Notes on setting snp-index file and logos names:

  • Always use lowercase letters.
  • Use transparent logos (transparent backgrounds or no backgrounds).
  • Instead of the + sign in the network name, you must use the plus name. For example: canal + hd = >>> canalplushd
  • No spaces between letters.
  • Symbols such as *%! # - should be deleted. Example: IRIB-TV3 = >> iribtv3
  • Instead of & should be written. Example: pooya & nahal = >> pooyaandnahal

If the logo of the networks is already in the software, do not re-add it. LOGO All the famous and important networks have been pre-added.

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