Monday, 15 April 2019

LATEST OSCAM 11513 EMU r795 FOR XCRUSER 515 585 685

Changeset 11513

fix building
fixed the problem and oscam-emu can now be built with static libcrypto
 3.part of dvb api changes

  * Increased max demux to 32 and max filters to 64
* Decreased max ecm pids to 16 and emm pids to 16
* Decreased max stream indices to 8
* Lots of cosmetics changes
small text typo fixes
 Support for DVB-CISSA scrambling algorithm and 16 byte CWs

  DVB-CISSA is defined in 
enigma2 box manufacturers should support the new ioctl (CA_SET_DESCR_DATA) as defined in the module-dvbapi.h
                                          first part of the rework on dvbapi
to incrase the amount of descramblers

  Get available descramblers in box and BISS2 related changes

  • Instead of using a prefefined number of descramblers (16 until now), oscam now gets the exact number of available descramblers in box.
  • Skip cw checks for BISS2, similar to what is done for BISS1. BISS2 uses 16 byte cw, so some checks need to be skipped.
  • Cosmetic changes including code refactoring, variable renaming and comment addition to several places.
  • Added support for BISS2 mode 1 and mode CA *
  • Added support for DVB-CISSA algorithm
  • Increased descramblers to the actual number available on each box **
  • Other small optimizations and improvements
* BISS2 mode 1 works similar to BISS1 mode 1. See Note 10 in for details. BISS2 mode CA is quite different though. See for details. From this version and on, building OSCam-Emu will require linking with libcrypto due to the extedned use of cryptographic functions in BISS2 code. This means that you must enable the USE_SSL = 1 or USE_LIBCRYPTO = 1 switches when compilation. ** Previously, OSCam-Emu only used 16 descramblers in enigma2 boxes. Now, all descramblers available in a box (modern boxes have 64 or even 96 descramblers) are used, which means many more channels can be descrambled simultaniously. Fox example, with 16 descramblers only 3 or 4 PowerVu channels could be descrambled at the same time, while with 64 we can descramble ~ 4 times more. Added support for PowerVu modeCW 4 and modeUnmask 4
  • Added support for PowerVu hash mode 32
  • Added new config switch --emu-version (returns 795)
  • Existing config switch --oscam-revision (returns 11513-795) does not depend on git "tags" now

OSCAM 11513r795 FOR XCRUISER 515 585 685


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