Wednesday, 15 May 2019

LATEST Software version 1.6.50 version of the XCRUISER HDR Exchanger series MODELS

Software Changes 1.6.50 series of HDR Exchanger

▪IEe support for more devices by USB WIFI Combo Execessor like JoyStick PS4 Version 2 (CUH-ZCT2)
▪ee increase the channel list capacity to 12,000 channels
▪Example the graphics and add the weather app settings and fix the connectivity problem to the weather server
▪Import the correct EPG and Time IRIB networks on the Badr satellite
▪ Resolving Video Glitch when using a digital receiver
▪ Reboot and Power OFF issues when using a digital receiver
▪ The problem of displaying the No Service for some Biss networks (such as ERT)
▪ Fix the problem of returning the marker to the first file in the Play List if files are deleted (the marker will be placed on the next file)
• Multiple satellite selections for multi-channel intermittent search (multiple searches)
▪Import the name of the current satellite in different modes
▪It supports C-Band LNBs with 5150/5750 MHz frequency range
▪ Online tethering on networks: Added (to keep the subtitle button open for me)
▪Email file manager with the possibility of deleting files
▪Just add the Power Mode icon and Bluetooth to the main launcher menu
▪ Minor bugs in Service List Manager and Channel Editor
▪ Image Changes in the XCRUISER Market
▪ Improved overall system performance

Software 1.6.50 is a very stable software, and this is a great deal of time and care.
Thanks to the cooperation of all Beta Stories and Lockhart users to provide this software

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