Saturday, 8 June 2019

LATEST OSCAM PLUIGN 11522r796 FOR XCRUISER 515 585 685 785 715

Added support for a higher number of demux devices in CA PMT

  Modern enigma2 boxes with FCB tuners can have many demux devices, 
so a new CA PMT descriptor that allows up to 128 demuxes (descriptor tag 0x86) is now supported.
Also, the get_demux_options () function is completely re-written, 
so it does not care for the order of descriptors inside the CA PMT message.
small cleanup
Changeset 11522

Tryfix possible regression introduced in rev 11520
fix webif save issue with high var count


OSCAM 11522r796  FOR XCRUISER 515 585 685 785 715


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