Saturday, 31 August 2019

LATEST OSCAM PLUGIN OSCAM 11546r 797 FOR XCRUISER 515 585 686 785 717

Changeset 11546-11540

[gbox] Cosmetics
Replaced strncpy () with cs_strncpy () in a few places
[dvbapi] Added more PMT audio descriptors
[dvbapi] Cosmetics and minor optimizations
[dvbapi] CAT filtering optimizations
Separate CAT filter (starting and stopping) from EMM filtering.
Stop CAT filter as soon as CAT is parsed, instead of letting it run forever. (Everytime we get a new channel, the CAT filter is restarted anyway).
Split CAT parsing from CA descriptor parsing. 
[dvbapi] Display service name when zapping
If present in oscam.srvid or oscam.srvid2, the service name is displayed at channel zap (like it was done before the CA PMT rewrite).
[dvbapi] SDT parsing optimizations
The SDT filter is now stopped even if no service name or provide name is found. Previously, on FTA or BISS channels, the SDT filter would run forever.
The SDT is now used for getting the tsid and onid of the service (in case we haven't already receive them in the CA PMT).
Duplicate info from the log is removed to keep it clean. The SDT information is only printed once.
Removed some redundant chekcs from the SDT parsing function. They are already done in the caller function.
Added more service types as "tv". 
The actual string parsing and supported character sets remained the same (still some eastern character sets are not supported).


OSCAM 11546 r797 FOR XCRUISER 515 585 685 785 715


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